We are working on the following objects:

Industrial Facilities

Power complexes
Chemical factory
Metallurgical factory

Residential Сomplex

Private houses
Cottage Towns
Multi-storey buildings

Shoping Mall


we work since 2004

No job is too big or too small to handle,
the harder the better

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Concrete cutting
Wire sawing
Underwater cutting
  • kanatnaya-rezka-betona
    DKPK Verhnedneprovsk
  • Wall cutting concrete
    Wall cutting of the concrete parapet.
  • Concrete Cutting with Vacuum Cleaner
    Concrete Cutting with Vacuum Cleaner
  • Wire cutting steel
    Wire cutting Steel and Zinc.
  • kanatnaya_almasnaya_reska_betona_mirgorod
    Mirgorod Mineral Waters Plant
  • Real'naya-rezka-betona-pod-vodoj-almaznymi-diskami-i-s-vodolazami
    Underwater concrete cutting
  • Rezka-armirovannyh-kolon-mosta-kanatnoj-mashinoj
    Wire cutting of reinforced concrete columns.

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