Concrete cutting openings in the ceiling

Concrete cutting openings in the ceiling

Cutting openings in the ceiling wall saw machines for ventilation ducts.

When changing the design decisions on construction sites, there is a need to make new openings for utilities. In such cases, you can order the service – concrete cutting and core drilling of concrete.

The technology of diamond cutting and drilling is a high-quality and efficient method with a number of undeniable advantages:

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Wire cutting of concrete.

Thanks to the innovative technology of diamond cutting, a new possibility of high-speed processing of ultra-strong building materials has appeared, while achieving the best quality. This method was …

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Diamond Core Drilling of Concrete.

Core drilling – complete absence of selective dynamic loads and dust, minimum noise during drilling holes in concrete structures. This service is environmentally friendly in comparison with other technologies. The outer side of the structure is not damaged when the crown exits, the drilled core remains inside the crown of the core.