Concrete cutting diamond saw blade

Concrete cutting

Wall sawing - a design solution for the removal of concrete structures on the construction and repair facilities. Completely eliminates the damage and weakening of building structures, the formation of cracks and microcracks

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Core Drilling

Core drilling makes it possible to make holes for various kinds of communications with an exact location relative to the specified marking. Eliminates vibration, is not accompanied by noise and a large amount of dust

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wire sawing

Wire Sawing

Used for cutting out overall structures of concrete, reinforced concrete and brick. Cutting of concrete in any directions and any configuration in severely constrained conditions. Can be used for dismantling and sawing underwater.

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breezing diamond segments

Brazing segments

We restore the worn out crowns with the subsequent repeated application for drilling holes in the concrete. We supply segments from the best manufacturers of diamond tools, we use solder and flux of European production.

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underwater concrete cutting

Underwater cutting

Experts of the company Tem-Diamond produce diamond cutting of concrete structures under water with hydraulic wall sawing machines (at a depth of up to 5 m) or with cable installations (hydraulic and electric).

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