brazing of segments

The process of core drilling holes in concrete is accompanied by aggressive contact and friction of the body of diamond segments with structures, due to which the segments are erased and further unfit for subsequent work. This is normal. It is not worth it to get rid of and throw out these crowns, they can be restored.

Recovered crowns are in no way inferior to their cutting properties in front of new ones, but at the price they differ for the better

Types of brazing of diamond segments:

  • Gas flame welding of diamond drilling bits;
  • Induction brazing of diamond drilling bits (HD);
  • Laser brazing of diamond drilling bits


How many times can I repair diamond drilling bit?

With the correct use, they can be restored up to 10-12 times …

what solder to choose for soldering

It is necessary to choose a solder with a content of not less than 49% silver

Stages of work

  • the worn out diamond drilling bit is subjected to a thorough check for the possibility of recovery (too short, thin and broken corps are not subject to recovery);
  • marking;
  • part of the crown with old bits;
  • soldering new bits;
  • verification of the finished crown