Technology – concrete cutting

In the construction, reconstruction of buildings and structures, the demand for solutions for the removal of concrete and reinforced concrete structures is growing.
Our solution is wall sawing of concrete with disc wall saws.
The main advantage of this technology is the dismantling of concrete structures in the shortest time and minimal amount of construction debris.

Types of works

  • Cutting a large number of similar rectilinear apertures (doors, windows);
  • Cut-out for the ventilation ducts;
  • Sawing of any building structures up to 730 mm thick;
  • Dismantling of reinforced concrete structures.


How to choose a diamond segment

The selection of diamond segments is affected by several factors. Machine power, drilling type, material being processed

Why diamond segments have different shapes

The shape of the segment affects the drilling speed and the wear of the segment

What to choose a jackhammer or wall sawing

Assess the risks associated with the use of a jackhammer: noise, vibration, structural damage risks. In addition, wall sawing is several times faster

Stages of work

  • Markup
  • Mounting and installation of equipment
  • Connection of diamond tools to equipment
  • Sawing process
  • Excavation of cut out parts of structures
  • Removal of carved parts of structures

Advantages of concrete cutting

  • Eliminates weakening or damage to structures
  • Eliminates the appearance of cracks and microcracks
  • Sometimes the only possible way to remove concrete structures
  • Safety – the operator controls the sawing with the remote control.
  • Obtaining an accurate cut which does not require post-processing.