Core drilling

Core drilling is the safest and most effective method of drilling holes in full-scale construction sites with a large amount of work.

The main feature of this drilling method is minimizing destructive vibration and noise.

Core drilling allows you to get a perfectly smooth hole in the building structure.


Core drilling of concrete with the use of drilling machines makes it possible to make holes for various types of communication, namely:

  • for laying heat and water supply, sewerage communications;
  • under electroconducting;
  • core drilling of air conditioning holes;
  • core drilling of holes for anchorage;
  • for fire extinguishing systems.


How to choose a drilling rig

The selection of a drilling rig from 1.2 kW to 15 kW depends on the diameter of the hole, the number of holes and the type of material in which to make holes …

What are the types of diamond drilling bits?

There are two main types of diamond crowns. For dry and wet drilling …

Why diamond segments have different shapes

The shape of the diamond segment affects the drilling speed and wearout of the segment.

that choose a jackhammer or...

Assess the risks associated with the use of a jackhammer: noise, vibration, structural damage risks. In addition, core drilling is several times faster

 Core Drilling Technologies

  • drilling holes with a diamond drilling bit with water cooling, which we perform promptly and with maximum energy savings.
  • “Dry” core drilling holes – is used in facilities where the use of water is not desirable.

Advantages of core drilling

Core drilling holes in the concrete allows you to quickly get the hole of the desired diameter and depth.

Making holes in concrete with drilling machines eliminates vibration and shocks.

Excludes the appearance on the design of cracks and other types of damage and destruction.