Underwater cutting

Experience in conducting underwater cutting of reinforced concrete for more than 7 years.

We use 2 types of underwater cutting:

  • Hydraulic wall saws at a depth of up to 5 meters;
  • The installation of cable sawing both electrical and hydraulic


We significantly reduce the time of dismantling the structures under water.

We cut concrete structures under water, where the visibility of structures is severely limited and the use of other technologies is impossible.

Advantages of disk sawing under water

Higher sawing speed compared to cable. Used in cases when sawing a monolithic slab, under which it is impossible to use a rope …

Stages of work

  1. With water pumps we clean constructions from silt and sand
  2. We fix the equipment for sawing
  3. We perform sawing under the water
  4. We control the process of sawing with the help of divers
  5. If necessary divers change the sawing disks
  6. We drill holes in cut structures for fastening cables
  7. Divers fasten the cable for lifting structures
  8. We lift the excised construction with lifting special equipment.